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1876 Walker Map of Norwood, Hillsdale & the Palisade Land Co.,New Jersey

Norwood, Hillsdale, Palisade Land Co.
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Title:    Norwood, Hillsdale, Palisade Land Co.

Description:    Maps of Norwood (plate 107), the property of the Palisade Land Co. (plates 108-109), and Hillsdale, NJ, showing property boundaries and owner names. Notable too is that depiction of school district boundaries-- even at this early date New Jersey schools were being highlighted in the context of property (and presumably property values), a practice that continues to this day. Published in Walker & Pease' exquisite centennial "topographical, illustrated, historical, descriptive" Atlas of Bergen County, New Jersey, 1876. Note, image above represents the verso and recto (front and back) of a single sheet of paper.

Date:    1876 (undated)

Source:    Walker, A. H., and Pease, C. C. Atlas of Bergen County, New Jersey, 1876.    

References:    Phillips (Atlases) #2152.

Size:   Printed area measures 13.75 x 17 inches (34.925 x 43.18 centimeters)

Condition:    Good. Even overall toning. Original centerfold exhibits some wear and in verso reinforcement. Minor discolorations here and there. Edge wear mostly confined to margins.

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