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1885 Colby and Stuart Map of Portland, Maine

City of Portland and Vicinity Cumberland Co. Me.
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Title:    City of Portland and Vicinity Cumberland Co. Me.

Description:    An uncommon 1885 map of Portland Maine by Gorge N. Colby and his partner J. H. Stuart. The map covers most of downtown Portland and Portland Harbor. Includes adjacent towns of Deering, Cape Elizabeth, Cash Corner, and Ligonia. Portly is presented in exceptional detail with all streets, important buildings, rail lines, public buildings, docks, wharfs, and parks noted. An index of references divided between the lower left and lower right quadrants notes important business by street. Prepared for and published in Colby's Atlas of Maine, 1884.

Date:    1885 (undated)

Source:    Colby, ., Atlas of the State of Maine, 1885.    

References:    Rumsey 0966.020, 1537.018.

Cartographer:    George N. Colby (fl. c. 1880 - 1890) was an American map publisher active in Houlton, Maine in the late 19th century. Colby's corpus consists primarily of Maine focused wall maps, county and state atlases, and more specific regional maps. Colby initially worked with the U.S. Coast Survey, where his work contributed to the survey's important 1881 map of Mount Desert Island, Maine. Transitioning to the private market Colby began publishing Maine centered material in the style of Massachusetts cartography Henry Walling. That is to say, he issued highly detailed maps on a large scale that he sold by subscription to local institutions and land owners. Colby's maps, like Walling's, are exceptionally desirable for anyone interested in family history, as they often list individual family names and land holdings. Colby partnered with J. N. Stuart early in his commercial career and by the late 1890s Stuart fully took over his business. Click here for a list of rare maps by George N. Colby.

Size:   Printed area measures 25 x 16.5 inches (63.5 x 41.91 centimeters)

Scale:    1 : 12000

Condition:    Very good. Original centerfold exhibits minor wear. Other maps on verso.

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