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1720 Funck Map of Israel - Palestine - Holy Land

Novissima totius Terrae Sanctae Sive Promissionis Descriptio.
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Title:    Novissima totius Terrae Sanctae Sive Promissionis Descriptio.

Description:    An altogether stunning map of the Israel, Palestine, or the Holy Land. Issued in 1720 by David Funck of Nuremburg and geographically based upon Visscherís Map of 1659 and De Witís Map of 1670. The shoreline runs from Sidon to Egypt along an East Ė West orientation. Divided according to the Tribes of Israel on both side of the River Jordan. Bottom center features a plan of the Temple of Solomon with the Ark of the Covenant featuring prominently. Moses and Jesus stand to either side of the plan. Title cartouche appears at the top of the map and features four cherubs, one of which holds the Tablets of Moses or the Ten Commandments. In the Dead Sea (Mare Mortuum) the destroyed cities of Sodom, Gamora, Sebim and Adama are depicted. At sea, 14 ships sail the Mediterranean. All text is in Latin.

Date:    1720

References:    None found.

Cartographer:    David Funck was an early to mid 18th century map publisher based in Nurenburg, Germany. He is known to have worked with such prominent cartographers as Homann and Doppelmayr. Funck also issued numerous maps independently. Click here for a list of rare maps from David Funck.

Size:   Printed area measures 22 x 18.5 inches (55.88 x 46.99 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good condition. Vibrant hand color. Blank on verso. Good margins. Minor bucking of paper at top centerfold. Minor repaired separation extending one inch into the map, at bottom centerfold.

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