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1843 Mitchell Wall Map of the United States (partial Republic of Texas)

Mitchell’s National Map of the American Republic or The United States of North America. Together with Maps of the Vicinities of Thirty-Two Principal Cities and Towns in the Union.
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Title:    Mitchell’s National Map of the American Republic or The United States of North America. Together with Maps of the Vicinities of Thirty-Two Principal Cities and Towns in the Union.

Description:    This is a stunning 1843 wall map of the United States of America by the S.A. Mitchell firm. The S. A Mitchell firm published this map, both in wall and folding pocket format, from 1843 to 1850. It is considered a highly important work of mid-19th century American cartography. Through its multiple issues historians can follow the rapidly changing national and domestic political borders. This particular map dates to 1843. This map was drawn by J. H. Young and engraved by H. H. Brightly. It includes numerous features from an inset map of Maine's northern boundary as defined by the Treaty of 1842 to thirty-two inset city plans. City plans include, among others, Raleigh, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Louisville and Frankfort, Kentucky; Springfield, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Rochester, New York; New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut; Burlington, Vermont; Providence, Rhode Island; Portland, Maine. A detailed table located below the title cartouche relations population statistics for every county in each state or territory. Dated and copyrighted 1843.

Date:    1843 (dated)

References:    Rumsey 3345; Ristow, p. 310.

Cartographer:    Samuel Augustus Mitchell (March 20, 1792 - December 20, 1868) Senior began his map publishing career in the early 1830s. Having worked as a school teacher, Mitchell was frustrated with the low quality and inaccuracy of school texts of the period. His first maps were an attempt to rectify this problem. In the next 20 years Mitchell would become the most prominent American map publisher of the mid-19th century. Mitchell worked with prominent engravers J. H. Young, H. S. Tanner, and H. N. Burroughs before attaining the full copyright on his maps in 1847. In 1849 Mitchell teamed up with printer Cowperthwait & Company to produce the Mitchell's Universal Atlas and the Mitchell's General Atlas. In the late 1850s most of the Mitchell copyrights were bought by Desilver and Co. who continued to publish his maps, many with modified borders and color schemes, until Mitchell's son, Samuel Augustus Mitchell Junior, entered the picture. S.A. Mitchell Jr. purchased most of the copyrights back from Desilver and, from 1860 on, published his own New General Atlas. The younger Mitchell became as prominent as his father and published atlases well into the late 1880s when most of the copyrights were again sold and the Mitchell firm closed its doors for the final time. Click here for a list of rare maps from Samuel Augustus Mitchell.

Size:   Printed area measures 48.5 x 42 inches (123.19 x 106.68 centimeters)

Scale:    1: 3360000

Condition:    Good condition with original color. Typical age wear with cracks throughout. Usual overall toning. Professionally conserved, restored, cleaned and re-backed with new linen. Minor damp browning along margins – see photos. Original rollers removed.

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Tags:    Republic of Texas , Mitchell , Webster–Ashburton Treaty

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