1970 Map of Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu City. / Kathmandu Valley. - Main View

1970 Map of Kathmandu, Nepal


Printed in Kathmandu!


Kathmandu City. / Kathmandu Valley.
  1970 (dated)     22.75 x 17.75 in (57.785 x 45.085 cm)


This is an attractive 1970 map of Kathmandu, Nepal, issued by Suresh B. Malla. The map is printed on both sides. The recto details the city of Kathmandu and the verso the Kathmandu Valley. It was designed with the foreign tourist in mind and features a wealth of practical information of use to the traveler - locations of embassies, banks, grocers, hospitals, police, hotels, trekking companies, and more. On the verso, there are advertisements for Royal Nepal Airlines.
The City Map
The recto features a detailed map of Kathmandu - revealing just how small the city remained in 1970. The map gives evidence of Kathmandu's evolution from a traditional family courtyard or 'Chowk' based civic design, to the incorporation of large avenues and a loose grid. On the left side of the map, there appears an illustrated guide to the city's many temples. At top, there is a street index. And, at bottom, advertisements for hotels, restaurants, and trekking companies.
The Kathmandu Valley
The verso features a general map offering a wide topographical overview of the Kathmandu Valley. Loosely centered on Durbar Square, the map covers from Thanaphedi, to Pharping and east as far as Bhaktapur. Along the bottom of the image, there appears a large advertisement for Royal Nepal Airlines.
Publication History and Census
This map was compiled by Suresh B. Malla and printed in Kathmandu by the Jore Ganesh Press. We are aware of later editions of this map dating to the 1980s, but all examples are ephemeral and scarce.


Suresh B. Malla (fl. c. 1970 - 1980) is an author and publisher based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Most of his publications date from 1970 to 1990, but Malla may still be publishing. The name is common enough that identifying further detail regarding his cartographic work has proven impossible. Learn More...


Average. The map exhibits fold repairs and reinforcements on the verso side (Kathmandu Valley) as well as uneven toning corresponding to the map's original fold metric.