1927 Kitabhane-yi Sudi Map of North and Central America

ينى امريكا / [New America]. - Main View

1927 Kitabhane-yi Sudi Map of North and Central America


Among the last maps to use the Ottoman script.


ينى امريكا / [New America].
  1927 (dated)     24.75 x 37.75 in (62.865 x 95.885 cm)     1 : 20000000


A very large format separately issued 1927 map of North and Central America published by the Aladdin Matba-sı Printing House for the Kitabhane-yi Sudi Bookshop. Aside from its aesthetic qualities, this map is important for its role in the diffusion of knowledge about the Americas in Turkey as well as being among the last maps published with the Ottoman Arabic script, before Turkey adopted a Latin-based script in 1928.
A Closer Look
Using a conic projection, coverage extends from the Arctic to the northern portion of South America, with the countries of North and Central America noted. Cities, railroads, waterways, and mountains are identified. The left and right-hand margins include flags of countries in the region, including (from top-left): Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, the U.S.A., Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Canada.
Publication History and Census
This map was published in 1927 (١٩٢٧) in Istanbul for the Kitabhane-yi Sudi Bookshop (كتابخانه سودى،), and was printed by the Aladdin Matba-sı Printing House. It was part of series of continent maps printed for the bookshop, among the last maps using the Ottoman script published in Turkey before the writing reforms of 1928, wherein the country adopted a Latin-based script. The maps from this series (all titled 'New' followed by the continent name) are very difficult to find today, and this is the only known surviving example of the North and Central America map.


Kitabhane-yi Sudi Bookshop (كتابخانه سودى،; fl. c. 1918 - 1928), also transliterated as Kitaphane-yi Sûdî, was a producer and purveyor of large-format maps based in Istanbul during the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic. Learn More...


Very good. Even toning. Expertly restored and mounted on heavy linen with significant reinstatement to right center, top center, and lower left corner.