1950 Gannon Pictorial Map of North Dakota

North Dakota Land of Opportunity. - Main View

1950 Gannon Pictorial Map of North Dakota


North Dakota's Past, Present, and Future.


North Dakota Land of Opportunity.
  1950 (undated)     15.5 x 24 in (39.37 x 60.96 cm)     1 : 1050000


A visually rich and highly detailed pictorial map of North Dakota, drawn c. 1950 by Clell G. Gannon. Among other features, it promotes the economic opportunities provided by the state's natural resources, especially coal and oil.
A Closer Look
For a state known for its wide-open landscape, Gannon packs the map with illustrations relating to local history, cultures, and economies. Rail lines and the Missouri River cut prominently across the state. Both the illustrations throughout and the text at bottom discuss the state's economy, which historically relied on agriculture but increasingly was oriented towards coal and oil. Other evidence of state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure is abundant, from airplanes to dams (including the huge Garrison Dam on the Missouri River, built between 1947 and 1953, at center-left). Geological regions of the state are shaded different colors according to a small legend at bottom-right, while Indian Reservations are shaded pink. At right, the state tree, bird, flower, and flag are illustrated.
Publication History and Census
This map was drawn by Clell G. Gannon for the book Welcome to North Dakota : land of opportunity, published by the Greater North Dakota Association. It bears similarity to Gannon's earlier standalone work 'Historical and pictorial map of North Dakota,' published for the North Dakota Historical Society, though the two maps also have significant differences. The present map is not independently cataloged with any institution, while the entire book is held by the North Dakota State Library, State Historical Society of North Dakota State Archives, the University of North Dakota, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.


Clell G. Gannon (1900 - 1962) was an artist and local historian based in North Dakota. Born in Nebraska, his family migrated to North Dakota in his childhood. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago for two years but was forced to return home due to illness. He then worked for the Soo Line Railway and then as an artist for Provident Life Insurance. Gannon was an expert on the history of North Dakota, producing both artistic and scholarly works on the subject. He also developed a series of murals that were painted in the Burleigh County Courthouse in Bismarck. More by this mapmaker...


Greater North Dakota Association, Welcome to North Dakota: Land of Opportunity, (Fargo: Greater North Dakota Association) c. 1950).    


Very good. Light toning. Closed margin tears professionally repairedĀ onĀ verso.