1969 Van Arsdale Map of the Western and Northwestern United States

Map 'Northwest' 'West'. - Main View

1969 Van Arsdale Map of the Western and Northwestern United States


Traces stagecoach lines, railroad routes, and wagon trails.


Map 'Northwest' 'West'.
  1969 (dated)     27 x 44.5 in (68.58 x 113.03 cm)     1 : 2600000


This is a 1969 Perry Van Arsdale data-rich map of the western and northwestern United States. Van Arsdale includes railroad routes, wagon trails, stagecoach lines, Wells Fargo and Pony Express stops, and hundreds of cities and towns.
A Closer Look
Depicting from the Pacific coast to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern Illinois and from the U.S.-Canada border south to central California, northern Nevada and Utah, and southern Nebraska and Iowa, Van Arsdale provides a visual summary of the region's history and historical transportation network. He traces the routes of 35 stages and freighters, which are identified numerically corresponding with a key below the bottom border. He also illustrates both Wells Fargo and Pony Express routes and stops. 53 railroads appear and are also identified numerically, corresponding with a key below the bottom border as well. 7 wagon trails, including the Oregon Trail, California Trail, and Mormon Trail, are labeled using symbols. Native American tribes are identified throughout, providing some understanding of their historical territories. Short captions note historical events and provide facts about pioneers during the 18th and 19th centuries. Frontier forts are noted throughout, most with their dates of operation provided. An list of facts, 'knick-knacks of history', are 'added at random' below the border.
Publication History and Census
This map was created and published by Perry Van Arsdale in 1969. We note 7 examples cataloged in OCLC which are part of the collections at the University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, the Saint Louis County Library, the Texas State Library and Archives, the Colorado School of Mines, Western New Mexico University, and the University of California Davis.


Perry Charles Van Arsdale (July 29, 1910 - July 22, 1976) was an American historian, researcher, linguist, and cartographer. Born in New York, New York, Van Arsdale held two Ph. D.s: one in romantic languages and the other in mechanical engineering. He retired from being a professor and consultant at the age of 45 'with enough money to see the project through'. He began making maps as a hobby, but it soon became his career. He started producing maps around 1965, after having spent nearly two decades traveling the United States, talking with the people that lived where he was traveling, and doing research in archives. He created 9 maps in total (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Northwest, Southwest, EastSouth, and a map of the United States illustrating American Indian Tribes and telling some of their history). All his maps were hand-drawn and hand-lettered and printed in extremely small print runs. His works include thousands of locations, hundreds of which likely only appear on his maps. He and his wife Mildred spent between 15 and 20 years (the historical record is unclear) traveling the country together gathering the information that Van Arsdale eventually compiled into his maps. More by this mapmaker...


Very good. Minor closed margin tears professionally repaired on verso.


OCLC 51205313, 381173003.