1843 Beiling Map of Palestine or the Holy Land

Karte von Palästina oder dem heiligen Lande. - Main View

1843 Beiling Map of Palestine or the Holy Land


The Holy Land with vignettes of Biblical scenes.


Karte von Palästina oder dem heiligen Lande.
  1843 (undated)     52 x 37.25 in (132.08 x 94.615 cm)     1 : 320000


This is an 1843 Carl Beiling map of Palestine or the Holy Land. Depicting the Mediterranean coast from Byblos south to the Sinai, extraordinary vignettes of Bible scenes dot the map. These beautifully colored scenes (two of which illustrate the story of Jonah and the whale, although the whale is unlike any we've ever seen) add character and appeal. Many of them bear references to the Bible book, chapter, and verse. Numerous cities and towns are labeled, including Jerusalem, Damascus, Jericho, and Gaza. Both the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea are illustrated. The ancient territories of the twelve tribes of Israel are also outlined in color. A key situated in the lower right corner details the symbols used throughout the map, which denote the size of cities throughout Palestine and the surrounding region, roads, mountains, forests, and wineries. An inset of the Old City of Jerusalem is situated on the upper left. The Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, and Al-Aqsa Mosque are easily identified and are labeled, along with city gates and other sites both inside and outside the city.
Publication History and Census
This map was created by Carl Beiling, drawn by J. Lacroix, engraved by A. Krämmer, and lithographed by Ferdinand von Harscher in 1843. Four examples are cataloged in OCLC and are part of the institutional collections at the University Library in Eichstätt, Germany; the Bavarian State Library in Munich, Germany; the University Library in Munich; and the State and City Library of Augsburg, Germany. We are aware of two other instances when this map appeared on the private market.


Very good. Two sheets joined and mounted on linen. Lower sheet exhibits more toning that upper sheet. Exhibits light foxing.


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