1749 Oppelt Star Chart

In statione sua. - Main View

1749 Oppelt Star Chart


A beautifully engraved early 18th century star chart.


In statione sua.
  1749 (undated)     8.5 x 6.75 in (21.59 x 17.145 cm)


An intricately engraved star chart, accompanied by a poem, that appeared in Johannes Oppelt's 1749 work Sammlung Geist- und Sinnreicher Gedancken….
A Closer Look
The title above the image, 'In statione sua,' is a quote from Juvenal's satires, while the caption below labels it the 'third symbol.' The globe composing the main engraved image includes recognizable constellations and zodiac figures. The verso text is a poem in German, presumably by Oppelt, titled 'The Stars' (Die Sterne).
Publication History and Census
This print was included in the third volume (dritte thiel) of Johannes Oppelt's 1749 German-language work Sammlung Geist- und Sinnreicher Gedancken…, which was a republication of the 1731 text Pacis Monarchicae…, also published as Pax Monarchiae Internae, a collection of allegories, songs, poems, and legends in Latin and German. Both works were published in Prague at the Jesuit-run Charles-Ferdinand University, that is, the University of Prague. This print is not independently cataloged in any institutional collection, while the entire text (whether as Pacis Monarchicae…, Pax Monarchiae Internae, or Sammlung Geist- und Sinnreicher Gedancken…) is held by perhaps a few dozen universities in North America and Europe.


Johannes Oppelt (fl. c. 1730 - 1750) was 'a poet of the Society of Jesus' who was associated with the Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague. He is best known for his 1749 work Sammlung Geist- und Sinnreicher Gedancken…, which was based on a 1731 work Pacis Monarchicae…, alternatively titled Pax Monarchiae Internæ, which he also likely authored. More by this mapmaker...


Good. Left edge of the page trimmed diagonally. Ink bleed through from the verso.