1854 Spruner Map of the Empire of Alexander the Great

Alexandri Magni Regnum.

1854 Spruner Map of the Empire of Alexander the Great


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Alexandri Magni Regnum.
  1854 (undated)    12.5 x 16 in (31.75 x 40.64 cm)


A fascinating 1854 historical map of the Empire of Alexander the Great. Shows Alexander's conquests at their fullest extent covering from Italy to the mouths of the Indus River and from the Black Sea to the Nile Valley. A series of insets in the lower quadrants of the map depict various sites associated with Alexander's most important battles, including Halicarnassus, Sinus Issicus, Cranicus, Hammonii, Tyrus (Tyre), Arbela, Gavcamela, and Caucasus Indicus. A further inset in the lower left quadrant details Greece, Macedonia, and the Aegean. The overall style of this map is typical of German cartographic work form the middle part of the 19th century. It is characterized by high quality woven papers, extremely fine steel plate engraving work, high levels of detail, and minimal but intense outline-style color work. Drawn by A. Hanemann and F. von Stulpnagel and published by Justus Perthes in Karl von Spruner's 1854 Hand Atlas.


Justus Perthes (1749 - 1812) was one of the most important German cartographic engravers of the 19th century. Perthes began his publishing empire with the 1784 issue of the famed survey of European nobility known as the Almanac de Gotha. In 1817 Perthes switched his focus to cartographic publishing. From 1817 to 1890 the Perthes firm would issue thousands of maps for more than 20 different atlases. Along with the visionary editors Stieler, Peterman, Meyer and Spruner, the Perthes firm pioneered the Hand Atlas. He also produced a number of important wall maps and case maps. Perthes maps are admired for their steel plate engraving, incredible detail, dedication to accuracy, and fine colorization. The Justus Perthes firm continues to produce maps and atlases to this day.


Spruner, Karl von, Historisch-Geographischer Hand-Atlas zur Geschichte der Staaten Europa's von Anfang des Mittelalters Bis Auf Dies Neueste Zeit, (Gotha, Justus Perthes) 1854.    


Very good. Original centerfold. Blank on verso.


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