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1940 Miguel Covarrubias Pictorial Map of the United States

Map of America. / The United States of America. - Main View

1940 Miguel Covarrubias Pictorial Map of the United States


A wonderful pictorial map of the United States published just before America's entry into World War II.


Map of America. / The United States of America.
  1940 (undated)     14.5 x 20.75 in (36.83 x 52.705 cm)     1 : 10000000


This is a c. 1940 Miguel Covarrubias pictorial map of the United States. Wonderfully illustrated, Covarrubias employs motifs to convey regional differences throughout the country. The Northeast, for example, is filled with skyscrapers and steel mills, and its people are dressed elegantly in business attire, graduation robes, or in the clothes of a workman who operates machinery in a factory. The South is green and filled with fields full of tobacco and cotton, with the exception of Florida, then as now, is home to flamingos, alligators, and women in bathing suits. The Midwest practically glows yellow from the wheat and corn, highlighted by a farmer harvesting. A cowboy riding a bronco appears in eastern Montana, between groups of Native American teepees and a chief in ceremonial regalia. Skiers frolic in the Rocky Mountains beside bears, bighorn sheep, and mines. The Southwest is illustrated as a land of desert, with artists, pueblos, and its own Native American culture. Finally, the Pacific Coast is again lush and green, particularly the Pacific Northwest, where totem poles and salmon and highlighted. This, of course, is not to be outdone by the twin pillars of the redwoods and Hollywood glamour in California.
Publication History and Census
This map was created by Miguel Covarrubias and published c. 1940 by Associated American Artists. This piece was published in at least three different editions of varying size, one of which was even published in Esquire Magazine. The only other known example of this particular edition is part of the David Rumsey Map Collection.


Miguel Covarrubias (November 22, 1904 - February 4, 1957) (also known as José Miguel Covarrubias Duclaud) was a Mexican illustrator, caricaturist, painter, ethnologist, and art historian. Born in Mexico City, Covarrubias began producing illustrations and caricatures for materials published by the Mexican Ministries of Education and Communication after graduating from the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria in 1918. At just 19, although he spoke little English, the talented artist grant from the Mexican government to study in New York City. Covarrubias was introduced around New York City art circles by the Mexican poet José Juan Tablada and the New York Times critic Carl Van Vechten. His mastery attained instant recognition and he was soon booked to produce art for many of Manhattan's top magazines. Eventually, Covarrubias become a prominent illustrator and the premier caricaturist for Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Covarrubias also worked on set designs, and painted murals, one of which was commissioned by the 1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition. He married Rosa Rolando in 1930. Learn More...


Very good. Short text printed on verso.


Rumsey 11081.001.