1859 David Tree Chart Illustrating the History of France

1859 Arbre Historique de La France. - Main View

1859 David Tree Chart Illustrating the History of France


Enlightening infographic describing the history of France.


1859 Arbre Historique de La France.
  1859 (date)     40 x 28 in (101.6 x 71.12 cm)


A curious and uncommon 1859 infographic chart illustrating the history of France as a giant tree. The chart beings with six proto-Frankish tribes: the Sicambres, Chamaves, Frisons, Angrivariens, Tencteres, and Saliens, which unite for form the Franks in the 4th century. It proceeds through the Merovingian (509 - 751) and Carolingian Empires (800 - 888). Various offshoots represent historical figures and events. They continue to the Capetian, Valois, and Bourbons until the French Revolution (1789 - 1799) and the Founding of the First Republic of France (1792 - 1804). They give rise to Napoleon I (1769 - 1821) and the First French Empire (1804 - 1815), various restorationist monarchies, the Second Republic (1848 - 1851), and ultimately the Second French Empire (1852 - 1970) under Napoleon III (1808 - 1873). The last date on the chart is 1859.

This chart is described in a period advertisement,
Chaque branche désigne successivement, en partant du tronc de l'arbre, les divers règnes et gouvernements depuis Pharamond, chef des Franks, jusques et compris celui de S.M. l'Empereur NAPOLEON III. Dans le même ordre, chaque feuille de la branche fait connaitre les principaux événements de chaque règne. Enfin la première feuille donne l'origine du Roi, et les trois dernières, le lieu, la date de sa mort et son âge. En résumé, cet important travail, qui réunit le double avantage de la Chronologie et de la Généalogie, offre, par sa forme synoptique, une étude facile et fructueuse, en gravant promptement dans la mémoire un riche canevas de l'histoire de France. Incontestable pour la jeunesse des écoles, son utilité ne sera pas moins appréciée par les plus érudits, auxquels il offre un moyen facile de ressaisir promptement l'ordre chronologique des faits échappés de la mémoire.

Each branch designates successively, starting from the trunk of the tree, the various kingdoms and governments since Pharamond, chief of the Franks, up to and including that of His Majesty the Emperor NAPOLEON III. In the same order, each leaf of the branch from the first gives the origin of the King, and the last three, the place, the date of his death and his age. In summary, this important work, which brings together the double advantage of the Chronology and Genealogy, offers, by its synoptic form, an easy and fruitful study, by engraving promptly in the memory a rich canvas of the history of France. Unquestionably for the youth of the schools, its usefulness will be no less appreciated by the most learned, to whom it offers an easy way to quickly retrieve the chronological order of the escaped facts of the memory. (Geographicus Translation)
To the left and right of the are neo-classical pedestals bearing arms and armor.
Publication History and Census
This chart was begun under J. Cheval and updated and revised to 1859 by F. David. It was lithographed by Godard, Quai des Augustins, Paris. The engraving is the work of Destez, it is not clear who this is, but it is not, as some have suggested the work of Paul Destez (1851 - 1919) who most will note was but 8 when this was issued. The view is uncommon on the market and we have identified only 3 institutional holdings.


Very good. Some toning and wear on original fold lines. A few old fold spits reinforce and repaired on verso.


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