1939 Romer Pictorial Resource Map of South America

Battleground of Commerce. - Main View

1939 Romer Pictorial Resource Map of South America


Highlights escalating tensions between Germany and the United States and Great Britain over access to South American natural resources.


Battleground of Commerce.
  1939 (dated)     22 x 15 in (55.88 x 38.1 cm)     1 : 15000000


This is a 1939 Jack Romer pictorial resource map of South America eight months before World War II. Depicting the continent from Panama to Tierra del Fuego and from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, Romer and the Sunday News highlight the natural riches of South America and their implied strategic importance to Germany, Italy, and Japan.
Trade and the Coming War
Icons scattered from Colombia and Venezuela to Chile mark everything from tobacco, cotton, and coffee, to sheep, cattle, and goats, to petroleum, rubber, copper, and iron. Every country in South America has something of value on offer. The text box in the lower left corner states that trade between the Americas increased between 1933 and 1937, as did trade between Germany and many nations in South America. Trade between South American countries and Great Britain, however, decreased dramatically over the same period, making South America an important theater in the ensuing struggle between the Axis and the Allies, even if most of the physical fighting happened an ocean away. These numbers are illustrated by a series of graphs included in the lower right corner.
On the Map
South American countries are shaded different colors to allow for easy differentiation. Each country's area, population, exports, and imports are provided, giving more hard numbers to support the argument made here. Shipping routes between various ports in South America and New York and Liverpool are illustrated by dashed lines, with the distance between the two ports given in miles.
Publication History and Census
This map was created by Jack Romer and published by the New York Sunday News on January 29, 1939. The only other known example is part of the David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University.


Jack Romer (1898 - April 28, 1967) was a staff artist for the New York Daily News who produced maps and charts for publication in the newspaper. Romer began working for the New York Daily News around 1932 and worked there until his death. Learn More...


Very good. Newsprint. Closed margin tears professionally repaired on verso. Text and printed photographs on verso.


Rumsey 8511.000. OCLC 953572649.