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1944 Snow Pictorial Map of Boston Bay and Cape Cod

Map of Romantic Boston Bay and Cape Cod The Land Of Our Pilgrim Forefathers. - Main View

1944 Snow Pictorial Map of Boston Bay and Cape Cod


A fascinating map celebrating nautical Massachusetts.



Map of Romantic Boston Bay and Cape Cod The Land Of Our Pilgrim Forefathers.
  1944 (undated)     17.3 x 22 in (43.942 x 55.88 cm)


A charming 1944 pictorial map of Boston Bay Cape Cod and its towns, created by New England author and historian Edward Rowe Snow. A lover of all things piratical and nautical, Snow names the towns of coastal Massachusetts and Cape Cod with little fanfare, but luxuriates in his depictions of lighthouses, ships, shipwrecks, and whales. The shipwrecks are not generic, but specific, named ships ranging from the Pirate ship 'Whidah' (Whydah Gally, a slaver and pirate ship sunk in 1717) to Submarine S-4 (SS-109, a U.S. Submarine sunk in 1927). In addition to the abundance of wrecks, Snow notes many scenes of New England history, mostly of the sort calculated to instill patriotism in the hearts of the young audience for whom this map was intended. Notes such as 'John Smith Fought Indians Here 1614' 'the Home of Daniel Webster' and 'The American Army of Two' and 'The Tea Party' abound.
Allusions to Ghost Stories
Amongst the nautical and historical notes are references to ghost stories associated with the region. At the mouth of Boston Harbor is pictured the ill-fated 'Lady in Black' whose tale of spousal devotion and confederate apologia would have the doomed woman still wandering about George's Island in her black hanging-clothes to this day. Less well-remembered tales are referred to as well - 'The Ghost Without A Head' and the gibbeted body of pirate Captain William Fly appear as well.
Publication History and Census
This piece is scarce on the market. It is neglected in institutional collections: it appears only in the University of Florida, the University of Illinois, the Boston Public Library, and Cape Cod Community College.


Edward Rowe Snow (August 22, 1902 – April 10, 1982) was an American author and historian. Born in Withrop, Massachusetts, Snow graduated from Harvard University and subsequently from Boston University with an M.A. Snow married Anna-Myrle Haegg on July 8, 1932 with whom he had one daughter. Snow worked as a high school teacher in Winthrop, Massachusetts for a time. He served as a first lieutenant with the XII Bomber Command during World War II and was wounded in North Africa in 1942. He was discharged in 1943 due to the wounds he received. Snow also worked as a daily columnist at The Patriot Ledger, a newspaper in Quiuncy, Massachusetts, from 1957 – 1982. He is widely remembered for his stories about pirates and other nautical subjects. Snow is the author of over forty books many shorter works. Over the course of his life, Snow was the author of over 100 publications, mostly concerning New England coastal history. He is also well remembered for maintaining the tradition of the 'Flying Santa' for over forty years (1936 – 1980). Begun in 1929, the 'Flying Santa' tradition was organized as a way to drop Christmas gifts out of airplanes to lighthouse keepers and their families along the New England coast. Learn More...


Very good. Minimal toning, overall very bright. Signed on verso.


OCLC 35968314.