1953 Hershey Chocolate Corporation Map of World Cacao Suppliers

Chocolate and Cocoa Nourishing Foods. - Main View

1953 Hershey Chocolate Corporation Map of World Cacao Suppliers


An educational and promotional broadside detailing chocolate production!


Chocolate and Cocoa Nourishing Foods.
  1953 (dated)     40.25 x 37.5 in (102.235 x 95.25 cm)     1 : 27000000


A promotional and educational piece published by the Hershey Chocolate Corporation; this 1953 broadside map of world cacao production highlights the diversity of sources of one of the world's favorite foods. Hershey's promotes cacao grown in South America, West Africa, and the West Indies, all of which travels to Hershey's production factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. A caption on the lower right lauds society's increasing global connections and states that people all over the world have more in common than one may think.
The Story of Chocolate Production
Eight vignettes adorn the broadside's both sides and provide a visual glimpse into chocolate production. Short paragraphs explain each step from harvesting the cacao pods to molding the individual chocolate bars. Actual size illustrations of cocoa pods situated in the center allow for an even better understanding of the subject and are accompanied by drawings of cocoa beans and nubs. A short history of how chocolate was brought to Europe and the geography of cacao complete the broadside's educational mission. As a side note, the Hershey Chocolate plant, after operating in Hershey Pennsylvania for nearly 100 years, succumbed to globalization, and closed its doors in 2007 citing to high labor costs, excessive taxation, and overpriced insurance requirements. Manufacturing of Hersey Chocolate relocated to Mexico where it still operates.
Publication History and Census
This broadside was created by the Hershey Chocolate Corporation and published in 1953. We are aware of four editions, published in 1944, 1953, 1955, and 1958, and we have not discerned any significant differences between the editions. Only the 1944 edition appears in the OCLC (two examples), and one example of each of the others has appeared on the private market.


Good. Exhibits slight wear along original fold lines. Two small repairs to top margin. Blank on verso.


OCLC 122931109 (1944 edition).