1908 Nasrullah / Tefeyyuz Kitaphanesi Ottoman Turkish Map of Europe

مكمل آوروپا خريطه سى / [Complete Map of Europe]. - Main View

1908 Nasrullah / Tefeyyuz Kitaphanesi Ottoman Turkish Map of Europe


Ottoman Cartography.


مكمل آوروپا خريطه سى / [Complete Map of Europe].
  1908 (dated)     24.75 x 36 in (62.865 x 91.44 cm)     1 : 9750000


A scarce and engrossing large format c. 1908 Ottoman Turkish wall map of Europe, produced by geographer Mehmet Nasrullah and published by Tefeyyüz Kitaphanesi in Istanbul. It reflects improvements in both Ottoman cartography and print technology in the last years of the long-ruling dynasty.
A Closer Look
Ranging from Iceland to the Urals and from Morocco to Persia, this map takes in all of Europe and the Ottoman Empire. The names of countries and large bodies of water are written in a stylized blue script, while smaller bodies of water, regions, cities, and other features are written in black script. Red lines denote administrative boundaries. A key to color-shading appears at bottom-right, with colors representing different empires, though these are not always consistently applied (the Russian Empire is shaded pink in the key but yellow on the map itself). To the right, four inset maps appear, focusing more closely on the Balkans, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Low Countries. Some handwriting appears above and below the bottommost inset map. An ornate border with a floral motif surrounds the entire sheet.
Late Ottoman Geography
As with other elements of Ottoman administrative and intellectual life, the threat of powerful neighbors prompted a comprehensive reexamination in the 19th century. Along with the Tanzimat reforms in the mid-19th century came an effort to train cartographers in the latest European methods of surveying. Print technology also improved, with the development of commercial lithographic printing by the end of the century. Still, a number of factors, including limited funding for military and non-military cartographers, hindered the development of late Ottoman cartography.
Publication History and Census
This map was prepared by Mehmet Nasrullah and published by Tefeyyüz Kitaphanesi around the year 1908. It is part of a series of wall maps that Nasrullah and the published produced in the first decade of the 20th century (they also collaborated on at least one atlas around the same time). The map is quite rare, and is not known to use to be listed among the holdings of any institutions and has no market history.


Mehmet Nasrullah (محمد نصرالله; fl. c. 1890 - 1910) was one of the most prominent geographers of the late Ottoman period. He is best known for his Atlaslı coğrafiya-yi Osmani and other atlases, but he also produced a series of wall maps with Tefeyyüz Kitaphanesi. In some biographies, he is noted as being a haji. He may be the same person as one al-Hac Nasir al-Dagistani, in which case he likely would have been a native of Dagestan in the Caucasus. More by this mapmaker...

Tefeyyüz Kitaphanesi (fl. c. 1905 - 1941), sometimes as Libraire Tefeyuz, was a bookstore and publisher based in Istanbul. Their output ranged from dictionaries and manuals for the new Latin-based Turkish script to historical and biographical works, atlases, and maps. Learn More...


Laid down on archival tissue to stabilize a few old fold splits. Some soiling and toning to old fold lines.