1930 View of Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida

Miami Bayfront Park, Miami, Fl. - Main View

1930 View of Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida


A park befitting the Magic City.


Miami Bayfront Park, Miami, Fl.
  1930 (undated)     6.75 x 28 in (17.145 x 71.12 cm)


A c. 1930 view of Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, Florida. The park opened in 1925, on the tail end of the city's precipitous growth in the early 20th century, and quickly became a preferred site for leisure and large public events in the city.
A Closer Look
This view is oriented towards the north, from the intersection of Biscayne Boulevard and 1st St. The park is at right, beyond which is the shoreline. Palm trees and tropical flowers abound, while modern high-rises appear at left, embodying the attraction of Miami as a major city with an immaculate climate. The predominating building is the Columbus Hotel, opened 1926; to its left is the McAllister Hotel, which was the tallest building in Miami when constructed in 1917. Both structures were demolished in the late 20th century and have been replaced by taller high-rises.
Publication History and Census
This view was published around 1930. No publication information is provided, but it may have been part of a series of views of Miami produced by the Eli Witt Cigar and Tobacco Co. We are not aware of any other examples in institutional collections or on the market.


Average. Torn corner in lower left professionally reinstated. Some minor areas of lossĀ along edge. Slight wear along centerfold.