1956 J. B. Jannot Chocolates Menier Pictorial Map of the World

Le Tour du Monde en 120 Images Grand Concours de Chocolat Menier. - Main View

1956 J. B. Jannot Chocolates Menier Pictorial Map of the World


A French chocolatier's promotional world travel contest!


Le Tour du Monde en 120 Images Grand Concours de Chocolat Menier.
  1956 (undated)     29.5 x 43 in (74.93 x 109.22 cm)     1 : 28160000


A stunning 1957 pictorial map of the world drawn by J. B. Jannot and issued to promote Chocolat Menier. This map was distributed by Chocolat Menier retailers to boost interest in the fading French chocolate giant. The map allows its reader to follow Jacqueline, Chocolat Menier's adorable 'little girl' mascot, on a great tour du monde (tour of the world) starting and finishing in Paris. There are 120 destinations, most highlighted with striking graphic imagery. Destinations were associated with tickets given out in bars of Menier Chocolate. As they were collected the full 120 vouchers could be pasted the board at the bottom of the map. These would give clues to solving three 'enigmas,' also built into the board. Once completed, the bottom 'board' section could be cut off and mailed to Chocolat Menier where they would be entered into a competition – possibly a drawing.

Chocolat Menier a was founded in 1816 as a pharmaceutical supply house specializing in chocolate, which was then used only medicinally. Around 1893 the company hired Firmin Bouisset promote their chocolate as a recreational treat. They came up with the image of an innocent young girl, Jacqueline, writing graffiti on a wall with a piece of Menier chocolate. The exhibited at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition as one of the largest chocolate companies in the world. Nonetheless, by the 1950s faced with growing local and international competition, and suffering under mismanagement, the company fell upon hard times. It was around this time that the present promotional was produced.

This map was drawn by J. B. Jannot. It is one of two maps drawn by Jannot for Chocolat Menier, the other being a map of Europe and Asia, also with 120 tickets and a 'journey' theme. Both were published by the Agence Française de Propaganda possibly in an attempt to revive the failing chocolate company. The poster proved popular, but insufficient to revive Menier's status. Chocolat Menier was sold and passed through numerous hands. Today the brand is owned by the Swiss chocolate conglomerate Nestlé.

This map can occasionally be found without the lower 'cut off' portion, but the present example, with the full board, is exceptional and rarely seen.


J. B. Jannot (fl. c. 1940 - 1970), also known by his nom de plume Jan-Loup, was a French cartoonist and illustrator active in Paris in the middle part of the 20th century. He issued well known comics for the graphic magazine Lisette including Le Trésor de la Crique aux Oursins, Les Naufragés de L'Ile aux Crabes, Mireille de Camargue, and La jeunesse d'Arago, as well as prepared a graphic novel adaption of James Fennimore Coopers La Prairie. He also illustrated children's books for the Collection Jean-Francois and Editions Fleurus. Working under his own name he issued at least two map poster games for Chocolat Menier.


Very good. Light wear on original fold lines. Backed on linen, poster style.


Rumsey 11485.000.