1885 Burleigh Bird's-Eye View Map of Moravia, New York

Moravia, N.Y.

1885 Burleigh Bird's-Eye View Map of Moravia, New York


Extremely rare view of Moravia, in the Finger Lakes, New York

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Moravia, N.Y.
  1885 (dated)    11 x 21 in (27.94 x 53.34 cm)


A rare 1885 Lucien Rinaldo Burleigh view of Moravia, New York. Moravia is a small picturesque town in the Finger Lakes Region of Cayuga County New York. The view details the town center and is oriented to the northeast. It covers from School Street to Owasco Street and from the Southern Central Railroad Line (S.C.R.R.) to Church Street. The view names 12 important locations, including churches, schools, and government buildings via a numerical table to either side of the title. This map was drawn and published by Lucien Rinaldo Burleigh. It was printed by Beck and Pauli Lithographers of Milwaukee Wisconsin.


Lucian Rinaldo Burleigh (February 6, 1853 – July 30, 1923) was an American lithographer and view maker active in the latter part of the 19th century. Burleigh was born in Plainfield Connecticut and studied civil engineering at Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science (Worcester Polytechnic). There he studied under George E. Gladwin who specialized in field sketching. Burleigh became one of Gladwin's prized students and this no doubt influenced his choice to become a viewmaker. Burleigh's view work stands out for two reasons. One, most of his town views are drawn form a lower than usual point of view enabling him to take greater advantage of profile perspectives. Two, his views do not integrate people or animals – most late 19th century American view artists added horses, people, carts, dogs, and even chickens to their views. Between the years of 1883 and 1885 Burleigh produced some 28 views of New York towns and cities. Most of these were published by either Beck and Pauli of Milwaukee or C. H. Voght of Cleveland. After 1886, Burleigh established his own Troy press and subsequent views were published in-house. Burleigh also worked as a lithographer for other view makers including J. J. Stoner and Albert Ruger, among many others. Burleigh contributed to the production of about 228 lithographic city view and personally drew about 120, marking him one of the most important and influential viewmakers of the 19th century.

Beck and Pauli (fl. c. 1878 – 1889) was a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based lithography firm founded in 1878 by Clemens J. Pauli and Adam Beck. The firm published hundreds of lithograph city views for many of the most prominent viewmakers of the period, including Lucien Rinaldo Burleigh, J. J. Stoner, Henry Wellge, Pauli himself, and others. The company was most active in the mid-1880 until about 1889. when the partners went separate ways and closed the company.


Average. Backed on archival tissue Large closed and repaired tear extending from left margin into the center of the map. Some infill at center above the town associated with tear repair - see image.


OCLC 12614581.