1827 Finley Map of North Carolina

North Carolina

1827 Finley Map of North Carolina


Rare exclusive depiction of North Carolina.

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North Carolina
  1827 (undated)    9 x 11.5 in (22.86 x 29.21 cm)


A beautiful example of Finley's important 1827 map of North Carolina. This rare map plate configuration depicts the state individually rather than bundled with South Carolina - as is more common. Depicts the state with moderate detail in Finley's classic minimalist style. Offers color coding at the county level. Identifies Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras and Cape Fear. Title and scale in lower left quadrant. Engraved by Young and Delleker for the 1827 edition of Anthony Finley's General Atlas.


Anthony Finley (c. 1790 - 1840) was an American map publisher based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His most prominent works, A New American Atlas and the New General Atlas… were published from 1824 to 1834. While little is known of Finley's personal life, he seems to have worked in the same publishing and engraving circles as Tanner. Though most of Finley's cartographic material was borrowed from European sources, his atlases were favorably reviewed at the time of their publishing. His works are known for being attractively sparse and minimalist, focusing primarily on clarity and only the most important facts.


Finley, Anthony, A New General Atlas, Comprising a Complete Set of Maps, representing the Grand Divisions of the Globe, Together with the several Empires, Kingdoms and States in the World; Compiled from the Best Authorities, and corrected by the Most Recent Discoveries, Philadelphia, 1827.    


Very good condition. Original pressmark. Blank on verso.


Phillips (Atlases) 4314-19, 760-19. Rumsey 0285.019 (1831 edition).
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