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1958 Rand McNally Pictorial Map of the Solar System and Outer Space

Rand McNally Map of Outer Space. - Main View

1958 Rand McNally Pictorial Map of the Solar System and Outer Space


Visually spectacular map of the Solar System.


Rand McNally Map of Outer Space.
  1958 (dated)     32.25 x 41.75 in (81.915 x 106.045 cm)


This is a 1958 Rand McNally map of the Solar System. The map focuses on the Solar system and illustrates all eight planets (at that point there were nine). Moons orbit Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, each of which is situated in its own orbit around the Sun. The distance in miles between the orbits is provided, as is the distance traveled in each orbit, the length of time spent in one orbit (given in Earth years), and the amount of time it takes for each planet to complete one revolution. The asteroids Ceres and Eros are illustrated in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and a note states that between 1,500 and 50,000 asteroids are known to exist within the belt. Other celestial formations are noted as well, including Antares, Magellanic clouds, the Crab Nebula, and the Andromeda Galaxy. Text boxes and inset views create a frame around the center map, and provide information concerning interplanetary and intergalactic distances, the relative size of the planes in the Solar System, an artist's rendering of Eros and Ceres, a chart of interplanetary weights, and artist renderings of a volcanic eruption on Mercury, canals on Mars, the Rings of Saturn, methane storms on Venus, the Jupiter's Great Red Spot, and Earth as seen from the Moon.
Publication History
This map was created and published by Rand McNally and Company in 1958. At least three different states of this map were published with the same copyright date (1958). There were no major changes in the content of the map between states, the only alteration being to the map's title.


Rand, McNally and Co. (fl. 1856 - present) is an American publisher of maps, atlases and globes. The company was founded in 1856 when William H. Rand, a native of Quincy, Massachusetts, opened a print shop in Chicago. Rand hired the recent Irish immigrant Andrew McNally to assist in the shop giving him a wage of 9 USD per week. The duo landed several important contracts, including the Tribune's (later renamed the Chicago Tribune) printing operation. In 1872, Rand McNally produced its first map, a railroad guide, using a new cost effective printing technique known as wax process engraving. As Chicago developed as a railway hub, the Rand firm, now incorporated as Rand McNally, began producing a wide array of railroad maps and guides. Over time, the firm expanded into atlases, globes, educational material, and general literature. By embracing the wax engraving process, Rand McNally was able to dominate the map and atlas market, pushing more traditional American lithographic publishers like Colton, Johnson, and Mitchell out of business. Eventually Rand McNally opened an annex office in New York City headed by Caleb S. Hammond, whose name is today synonymous with maps and atlases, and who later started his own map company, C. S. Hammond & Co. Both firms remain in business. More by this mapmaker...


Very good. Exhibits light wear along original fold lines.