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1867 Dumas Vorzet Folding Map of Paris, France

Paris. - Main View

1867 Dumas Vorzet Folding Map of Paris, France



  1867 (dated)     29.5 x 45 in (74.93 x 114.3 cm)     1 : 12800


A dramatic and highly decorative 1867 linen backed case or pocket map of Paris France by Edouard Dumas-Vorzet. Centered on the Seine, this map covers embastilled Paris as contained by the Thiers Wall as well as its immediate vicinity, including the Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes. Dumas-Vorzet drew this map to illustrate Napoleon III and Georges-Eugène Haussmann's revolutionary modernization of Paris. Known in French as the Grands Travaux, Haussmann's redesign of Paris defined it as a modern city, with narrow alleyways and confusing streets replaced by a broad network of grand boulevards, imposing facades, parks, and monuments. The cartographer also highlights the 1860 repartitioning of the arrondissement system into 20 distinct zones. All major streets, monuments, important buildings, rail lines, parks, and plazas are illustrated. The map proper is surrounded by an extensive street index presented in tabular format. Dumas-Vorzet has also incorporated a dramatic floral themed title cartouche in the upper right quadrant that significantly enhances the overall beauty of this piece.


Very good. Dissected and mounted on linen in 55 sections. Original linen backing has been reinforced with archival tissue.


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