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1945 U.S. Army Map of the Philippine Campaign

Philippine Campaign. - Main View

1945 U.S. Army Map of the Philippine Campaign


Interesting thematic map illustrating the events of the WWII Philippines Campaign of 1945.


Philippine Campaign.
  1945 (dated)     22.25 x 16.5 in (56.515 x 41.91 cm)     1 : 2985000


An unusual 1945 World War II era thematic map of the Philippine Islands illustrating the events of the Philippine Campaign (1944 – 1945). The map covers the entirety of the Philippine archipelago with sinuous arrows indicating military activity. Blue arrows detail the Eighth Army Operation, green arrows indicate the Sixth Army operation, and little parachute drawings in either color represent airborne landing sites.
The Philippine Campaign
Launched on October 20 of 1944, the Philippine Campaign was a World War II joint American and Filipino military operation intended to liberate the Philippine Islands from occupying Imperial Japanese forces. The Japanese Army overran most of the Philippines during the first half of 1942, retaining it for the subsequent 2 years. American General Douglas MacArthur began the campaign by announcing on Philippine radio 'This is the Voice of Freedom, General MacArthur speaking. People of the Philippines: I have returned.' The campaign progressed rapidly, driving the Japanese out of one island after another. Although by this time the Japanese were clearly losing the war, they gave no sign of capitulation and refused to surrender. During the course of the campaign Japan suffered nearly half a million casualties compared to only about 50,000 Americans. The campaign continued until Japanese forces in the Philippines were ordered to surrender by Tokyo on August 15, 1945, after the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Publication History and Census
This map was compiled by Sgt. James E. Applegate and designed by Sgt. Clyde J. Singer. This map was printed by the 67th Engineer Topo Company, SWPA, 1945.


Very good. Light soiling. Top and bottom margins narrow, as issued. Archival reinforcement to lower margin.