1854 Henry Bill View or Map of San Francisco, California

San Francisco. 1854.

1854 Henry Bill View or Map of San Francisco, California


View of San Francisco just after the 1849 California Gold Rush.

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San Francisco. 1854.
  1854 (dated)    9 x 16.5 in (22.86 x 41.91 cm)


A highly appealing view map of San Francisco dating to 1854. Reveals San Francisco as seen from Nob Hill looking down California Street. Telegraph Hill appears on the left. Shows numerous buildings and ships throughout. The most important buildings and locations are identified numerically. These include North Bay, Contra Costa, Yerba Buena Island, the California Exchange, the Plaza, Leanard's Warehouse, Ricon Point, the Market Street Pier, California Street, Central Warf, the Catholic Church, the Marine Telegraph, and Anjill Island. Published by Henry Bill for inclusion in the 1854 edition of his History of the World. There are seven different printings of this view, the earliest appearing in 1850 with subsequent editions in 1851, 1852, 1854, 1855, 1856, and 1857. Only the 1851 version appears to be from a different plate.


Henry Bill (fl. c. 1850- c. 1857) was a Connecticut based publisher and historian active in the middle part of the 19th century. He published a number of histories including Samuel Maunder's well-regarded two volume History of the World.


Maunder, S., History of the World, (Henry Bill, New York, 1854.    


Very good. Original fold lines. Foxing at places. Tear near left margin. Backed with thick paper.


University of California, Berkley, Bancroft Library, 'Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. Collection of Early Californian and Western American Pictorial Material,' BANC PIC 1963.002:0554--B.