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Details 1866 Johnson Map of Texas
1866 (undated) $425.00

1860 Johnson Map of Texas

Johnson's New Map of the State of Texas. - Main View

1860 Johnson Map of Texas


An incredible first edition example of Johnson's desirable folio map of Texas.



Johnson's New Map of the State of Texas.
  1860 (undated)     17.75 x 25 in (45.085 x 63.5 cm)     1 : 2295000


This is an exceptional 1860 first edition second state example of A. J. Johnson and Ross C. Browning's highly desirable map of Texas. Created shortly before the American Civil War, this extraordinary folio map details the state of Texas New Mexico and Mexico to Arkansas and Louisiana and from New Mexico and Oklahoma (Indian Territory) to the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. The elevated Table Lands, el Llando Estadado (the Staked Plain), and the U.S. Mail Route are all illustrated and labeled, along with numerous geographical notations. Counties are illustrated, labeled, and shaded various colors to allow for easy differentiation. El Paso, Presidio and Behar counties dominate much of the western portion of the state.

Insets in the lower left quadrant detail Sabine Lake (with depth soundings), Galveston Bay (from the U.S.C.S.), and the northern panhandle. Throughout, Johnson identifies myriad cities, towns, rivers, creeks, and other topographical details. The whole is surrounded by the strapwork border common to Johnson's atlas maps from 1860 to 1863.

Based on a smaller 1855 map by J. H. Colton, this map was published by A. J. Johnson and Browning as plate numbers 39 and 40 in 1860 edition of Johnson's New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas.


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