Frederick William Beers (August 16, 1839 - September 8, 1933) was a prolific map and atlas publisher, surveyor, and businessman based in New York, part of the notable Beers mapmaking family. Frederick was born in Berlin Maryland, the son jewelry dealer James Botsford Beers (1811 - 1901). The family relocated to Brooklyn New York in 1845. When James Botsford Beers entered the map business, in 1863, his son was soon to follow, joining the Beers firm in 1870, at which point it was renamed J. W. Beers and Company. Under F. W. Beers, the firm published numerous town, state, and county atlases, most of which focused on Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, and Michigan. At the same time Beers served as Brooklyn Commissioner of Records, a position he held for some 35 years. Beers died in Bridgeport, Connecticut, aged 94, in 1933.

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