Hendrick Doncker (1626 - 1699) (a.k.a. Henri Donker) was a Dutch bookseller and publisher of sea charts and nautical atlases active in Amsterdam during the middle part of the 17th century. He maintained a presence on Nieuwe Brugsteeg, Amsterdam. He married Elizabeth Abrahamsd Rensing in 1647. Doncker was somewhat unique to this period in that he did not copy the work of earlier cartographers, instead producing his own map. Moreover, Doncker's charts were widely admired for their constant revision and overall accuracy. In addition to producing his own charts, he also collaborated with Pieter Goos and Anthonie Jacobsz to producing the pilot guide De Zeespiegel. Following his 1699 death, Doncker's remaining stock and valuable map plates were acquired by Johannes van Keulen. He was survived by a daughter, Anna Doncker.