Michel van Lochom (April 28, 1601 - January 23, 1647) was a Calvinist Flemish engraver active in Antwerp and Paris during the first half of the 17th century. Van Lochom was born in Antwerp, the son of Hans van Lochom, also an engraver, and Clara Janssens. He mastered engraving under the tutelage of his father and in 1613 joined the Antwerp branch of the Guild of St. Luke (a artist and printers guild). As part of the guild he trained under Abraham van Merlen (1579-1660), a Flemish painter and engraver. Van Lochom became a master in the guild in 1621. Four years later, in 1625 he relocated to Paris where is established himself as a painter and engraver. He may have relocated to Paris in order to marry Marguerite Lenoir, the daughter of the prominent Paris bookseller Guillaume Lenoir, and sister-in-law to Pierre Mariette via her sister Geneviève Lenoir. Attaining some prominence engraving religious portraits, Van Lochom was awarded the title of Graveur et Imprimeur du Roy. His address, in 1836, was St Jacques à la Rose Blanche Couronnée, Paris. He remained in Paris until his death in 1647. After his death, his widow sold some 3000 pounds of printing plates to Balthasar Moncornet. His remaining stock went to Pierre Mariette who may have owned part of Lochom's business. Lochom is alternatively known as Lochum or Lochem.

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