Louis-Joseph Mondhare (1734 - August 21, 1796) was a French engraver and publisher of maps, prints and vues d'optique active in the second half of the 18th century. Mondhare was born in Bougy (Calvados) and moved to Paris on or before 1759. He began publishing around 1760 under the Chez Mondhare imprint. On June 7 of 1784, his son-in-law Pierre Jean (1754-1829) joined the business and they changed their imprint to Mondhare & Jean. The Mondhare firm maintained their office in Paris on Rue St. Jacques, at the Hôtel Saumar, a well-known location for print sellers near St. Severin. Later they relocated to 32 Rue Saint-Jean de Beauvais. The firm ceased operation around 1796. Mondhare died shortly afterward in 1799. His name variantly appears on some imprints as Mondar or Mondhard.

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