August Reinhold Ohman (May 3, 1859 - April 22, 1934) was a Swedish-American map publisher, engraver, and draftsman. Ohman arrived in the United States in 1893. He married Alice Mary Colton (1868 - 193x), Charles B. Colton's daughter, on January 5, 1897. A year later, in 1898, Ohman began working with G.W. and C.B. Colton, when the firm became known as Colton, Ohman, and Company, which existed until about 1901. After that year, Ohman operated his own firm under his own name August R. Ohman, and advertised his firm as the 'successors to the Coltons'. The Ohman Map Company, as it became known, moved to 258 Broadway around 1914, where it operated until around 1925. George J. Nostrand, who became a major map publisher, operated in the same buiding and possibly even worked for Ohman. Some of Nostrand's work is very similar to Ohman's, particularly his bird's eye view of New York City.

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