Gilbert Jay Rice (February 22, 1816 - May 4, 1904) was a prominent American map publisher and lithographer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and active in the late 19th century. Rice was born in Covington, New York, the oldest of a family of 6. In 1837 he moved to Logansport, Indiana, to join his half-brother, Benjamin O. Spencer, establishing the short-lived commission and grocery store, 'Spencer and Rice.' When the partnership dissolved, 1846, Rice acquired Spencer's interest and continued top operate under his own name. We have been unable to locate rice in the subsequent 20 years, but by 1868, Rice relocated to St. Paul, where he established a publishing an engraving concern, 'St. Paul Lithographic, Engraving and Publishing.' Rice live in 94 W. Fourth Street and the firm was located at 88 East 3rd Street, Saint Paul. Most of Rice's cartographic work focuses on Minnesota and the Dakotas.

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