Abbas Sahab (1921 – April 2, 2000) was an Iranian cartographer and publisher active in Terhan in middle part of the 20th century. He is considered the 'Father of Iranian Cartography.' Sahab was born in Fam, Tafresh district, Iran. He was the son of Ostad Abolghasem Sahab Tafreshi, an Iranian writer, publisher and, from 1935, founder of the Sahab Drafting and Geographic Institute.This was the first private geographical publisher in modern Iran. The company was soon passed to Abbas, under whose guidance the company published over 1500 works, including maps, atlases, prints, and scientific and medical illustrations. Abbas himself traveled throughout Iran, often mapping individual towns and adding his own artistic flair to the maps. His most important maps illustrate Tehran, Esfahan, and Mazandaran. He also traveled extensively abroad, producing maps of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey. After his death, the Sahab Drafting and Geographic Institute was taken over by his sons and remains an active concern to this day.

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