Courtland Elmer Smith (December 3, 1907 - March 4, 2005) was an American architect, illustrator, and designer. He was born in Southampton, New York, the son of Elmer Smith, then village mayor. Smith studied at the University of Pennsylvania, attaining a degree in architecture in 1929, just in time for Black Tuesday. Smith worked on and off during Great Depression. In 1933, he worked with friend Richard 'Dick' Foster to compile a pictorial map of Long Island. As the Great Depression eased, Smith got more and more architecture work, becoming known for a clean uncluttered style. His work took him all over the world, and includes Houston Astrodome, the Distant Early Warning (DEW Line) radar defense system in the Arctic, and foreign aid projects for the U.S. Agency for International Development. After living abroad for many years, he returned to his native Southampton in 1966. He remained there in his family home until his death in 2005. (The Southampton Press, March 10, 2005)

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