Courtland Smith (1907-2005), an architect from Southampton, Long Island, worked in his chosen profession for 70 years, until he retired at the age of 95. Smith designed buildings all over the world during his career, including many in the Hamptons, and even influenced local architectural standards due to the popularity of his ‘clean, uncluttered style’. Nonetheless, his best known work was the Pictorial Map of Long Island. Smith drew this map during the years of the Great Depression as a 'keep-busy project' on the suggestion of his friend Richard Forster, who is credited here for compiling the data for this map. It quickly became extremely popular and according to Courtland Smith's obituary in the Southampton Press, it became the 'steady seller in gift shops throughout Long Island for more than 75 years.' When Smith died, the mayor of Southampton remarked about this map:

That map has had a significant impact on the development of not only Southampton, but all the other towns on Long Island that it features.

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