Ivan (Johann) Fomic Treskot (Иван Фомич Трускотт; December 1, 1721 - May 18, 1786), also spelled Treskott, Truscott, or Truskot, was a Russian cartographer active in St. Petersburg in the late 18th century. Treskot was born in St. Peterburg, the son of an English merchant (perhaps the reason his name is sometimes recorded as John Truskott). He studied architecture and cartography at the Russian Academy of Sciences under Joseph-Nicolas De l'isle (April 4, 1688 – September 11, 1768) and Jacob Friedrich Schmidt (Якоб Фридрих Шмидт; 1723 - 1786). In 1746 he was made head of the Cartographic Department at the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. They went on to compile a detailed mapping of Siberia, publishing various regional maps from 1770 to 1776. Working with Schmidt, Treskot compiled the 1784 Tabula Geographica Generalis Imperii Russici, the finest general map of the empire since after the 1734 Kirilov. Treskot was active at the Russian Academy's Geographical Department for nearly 50 years, from 1737 to his death in 1786. While he supervised the construction of hundreds of maps, only 11 of which bear his imprint.

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