Antonio Vallardi (1813 - 1876) was an Italian publisher and founder of the Antonio Vallardi publishing house. Born into a Milanese publishing family, his grandfather Cesare Vallardi (1736 - 1799) began publishing books in Contrada Santa Margherita in the 1750s. Vallardi's father, Pietro (1770 - 1819), and uncle Giuseppe (1784 - 1861) continued their father's publishing business but renamed the company Fratelli Vallardi and became prominent publishers of books and art prints. Pietro's sons, Franceso and Antonio, both founded their own publishing houses. Antonio Vallardi opened his publishing house in 1843, three years after his brother. Antonio's publishing house became known for academic and linguistic works, alongside the many maps and guides it published for the Touring Club. Antonio's descendant operated the publishing house until 1970 when they sold the firm to Garzanti.