Weed, Parsons and Company (July 25, 1843 - July, 1892) was a New York based printing house based in Albany, active in the second half of the 19th century. The firm was founded by J. B. Weed (???? - June 18, 1851) and John D. Parsons. Weed, the son of Thurlow Weed, previously worked for the Evening Journal. Parsons was a compositor in the printing offices of Packard and Van Benthuysen. Shortly after their startup, the firm received financing from Visscher Ten Eyck, one of the owners of the Evening Journal to dramatically expand their printing operation. Leveraging Parsons' contacts with the state, the firm began receiving lucrative government printing contracts out of Albany. By 1868 they were one of the largest printing concerns in the United States. Their offices were gutted by a major fire on April 7, 1871. The owners rebuilt with new more modern equipment and continued to operate, with heirs taking over the shares of the original owners. They remained in operation until the firm went into receivership in July of 1892.

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