Josiah Neele (March 30, 1804 - March 22, 1876) was a British map engraver, printer, and publisher active in London during the middle part of the 19th century. Neele was the son of Samuel John Neele (1758 - 1824), also a prominent map engraver. He apprenticed under his father along with Ebenezer Stalker (1780 - 1847) with whom he briefly partnered until 1825. At that time, he went into business with his uncle, George Neele, and his brother, James Neele. George retired in 1826, ending that partnership, after which the brothers published until 1929 under the imprint of 'James and Josiah Neele'. Josiah subsequently continued the business under his own name, operating from their former offices at 352 Strand, until 1836, when he declared bankruptcy. In 1845 he married Eliza Atwood of Haverfordwest and in the wedding documents he is described as a stationer. He retired to Wiltshire in 1871 and died five years later in 1876.

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