Suada Kapić (b. February 15, 1952) is an actor, author, and entrepreneur. Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kapić attended the University of Sarajevo and completed her first Bachelor of Arts degree in the Faculty of Philosophy before moving the Belgrade and completing a second Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Film Directing at the Faculty of Performing Arts. After the fall of communism, Kapić founded FAMA, an independent news agency aimed at becoming the CNN of Southeastern Europe. Will the breakup of former Yugoslavia and the Bosnian War, she became a refugee in her own city after escaping form her home in a district of Sarajevo occupied by Bosnian Serb forces. She resolved to stay in Sarajevo, and launched the 'Science of Survival' project, which also led to the creation of the 'Sarajevo Survival Guide' and the 'Survival Map'. After the end of the war, Kapić focused on creating an archive of oral and visual histories of the Bosnian War, which have now been digitized into the FAMA COLLECTION.

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