Christian Gottleib Reichard (June 6, 1758 - September 11, 1837) was a Weimar based German cartographer active in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He was educated at the Lyceum of Schleiz and studied law at the University of Leipzig. Reichard developed an early interest in geography, drawing, and music, which he continued to develop throughout his life. His first cartographic project was a globe made for his children, which attracted the interest Baron Franz Xaver von Zach in Gotha. With Zach's support Reichard delved more fully into cartography, publishing several important works early in the 19th century focusing on the discoveries of Mungo Parke, Rennel, Lander, and Alexander von Humboldt. He also supplied several charts to the Homann Heirs firm. Along with Adolf Stieler and the Perthes publishing companies, he collaborated on the first Stieler's Handlatlas. Published between 1817 and 1823, the first Stieler's Handlatlas proved to be a long lived and influential work that continued to be revised and updated well into the 20th century. In addition, he also published several general and historical atlases on his own account between 1803 and 1824.

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