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1730 Toms Map of Central Africa

Africa Interior
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Title:    Africa Interior

Description:    A very curious map of central Africa dating to approximately 1730. Covers the mid-section of Africa roughly from the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic eastward to the Red Sea and the horn. Extends southward as far as modern day Tanzania. Full of curious and often spurious information. Identifies the kingdoms of the Axuxmites in modern day Ethiopia, as well as the Nubians, the Amanites, and many other mysterious peoples. In the west the map, the Niger River begins and ends without a source or oceanic outlet. Further east, the map follows the course of the Nile river southward, past the lands of the Elephantophagi, to two mysterious lakes. These great lakes, at the foot of the mountains of the moon, were part of a long enduring myth in African cartography that dates to the works of Claudius Ptolemy. In fact, though issued nearly 1600 years after Ptolemy’s death, most of the information here is based directly on his work. Cartographically this map is very similar to Culver’s map of the same name issued in 1736.

Date:    1729

References:    None found.

Cartographer:    Henry H. Toms is a rather elusive though important figure in cartography. He was an English engraver working in the early half of the 18th century. His name appears on the great Popple map of North America as well as on important maps by Seale, Boulton, Moll, and others. Little else is known about his person, life, or history. Click here for a list of rare maps from Henry H. Toms.

Size:   Printed area measures 12.25 x 8.25 inches (31.115 x 20.955 centimeters)

Condition:    Very Good condition. Minor foxing throughout. Minor centerfold darkening.

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