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1789 Faden Map of Belgium and Luxemburg or the Low Countries under Austrian Possession

A map of the Austrian possessions in the Netherlands or Low Countries, with the principalities of Liege and Stavelo, etc.
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Title:    A map of the Austrian possessions in the Netherlands or Low Countries, with the principalities of Liege and Stavelo, etc.

Description:    This is an attractive 1789 map of Belgium and Luxemburg by William Faden. The map covers present day Belgium and Luxemburg along with adjacent parts of France and Germany. The map extends from Breda, south as far as Montmedy and from Dunkirk east as to Cologne. The Duchy of Luxemburg is illustrated with exceptional and uncommon detail. When Faden prepared this map, much of this region was dominated by the Hapsburgs of Austria.

The Low Countries were on the low-lying delta formed by the convergence of the Rhine, Scheldt, and Meuse rivers. This portion of the Netherlands was known successively as the Habsburg Netherlands, the Spanish Netherlands, and finally Austrian Netherlands until, in 1795, Napoleonic forces invaded and set up a new French client state, the Batavian Republic. The Low Countries, until 1581 part of the Seventeen United Provinces, were reunited by the 1815 Congress of Vienna as the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. The United Provinces hosted the world’s first stock exchanges, and is considered the birthplace of the modern capitalist economy.

This map was based on the trigonometric survey made by order of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of Lorraine and was published by William Faden, Geographer to His Majesty, in 1789

Date:    1789 (dated)

References:    Rumsey 2104.014.

Cartographer:    William Faden (1750 - 1836) was an English Cartographer and publisher of the late 18th century. Faden worked under the direction of Thomas Jefferys. Jefferys held the position as "Geographer to the King and to the Prince of Wales", and upon his death in 1771, this position passed to William Faden. By 1822 Faden published over 350 known maps, atlases, and military plans. Faden had a particular interest in the mapping of North America and is best known for his important publication of the North American Atlas. William Faden is also well known for his publication of the first maps for the British Ordnance Survey in 1801. Following his death in 1836 Faden's firm was taken over by James Wyld. Click here for a list of rare maps from William Faden.

Size:   Printed area measures 26.5 x 22 inches (67.31 x 55.88 centimeters)

Scale:    1 : 505000

Condition:    Very good. Original platemark visible. Minor wear and verso repair along original centerfold.

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Tags:    Faden , Western Europe

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