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1775 Esnauts and Rapilly Case or Pocket Map of Paris, France and environs

Nouveau Plan des Environs de Paris d'apres les Nouvelles Observations de M.M. de l'Academie Rle. Des Sciences.
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Title:    Nouveau Plan des Environs de Paris d'apres les Nouvelles Observations de M.M. de l'Academie Rle. Des Sciences.

Description:    A stunning 1775 pocket map of the environs of Paris, France by the firm of Esnauts & Rapilly. Covers the greater Paris area from Chartres in the southwest to La Ferte in the northeast and from Vernon in the northwest to Bray in the southeast. Offers incredible detail throughout naming numerous estates, palaces, forests, churches, monasteries, fortifications, and other geographical features. A large baroque title cartouche appears in the upper right quadrant displaying garlands and a fountain. We believe this to be the first edition of this highly uncommon map.

Date:    1775 (dated)

References:    Deutsches Historisches Museum, Do 2006/347.

Cartographer:    Esnauts and Rapilly (fl. c. 1775 - 1811) were Paris based print sellers and publishers active in the later part of the 18th century. The firm was founded by Jacques Esnauts and Michel Rapilly. Esnauts and Rapilly are best known not for their cartographic works, but rather for their fashion prints. The important publication La Galerie des Modes highlighted the fashions of the French aristocracy just prior to the French Revolution and is considered to be the first published "fashion magazine". At this time, Paris was the center of the fashion world and Esnauts and Rapilly's plates were widely distributed to eager fashionistas the world over. The firm also published a number of important and influential maps including several depicting pivotal moments in the American Revolutionary War. Not wanting to miss out on potential customers, Esnauts and Rapilly gave exact directions to their bookshop on many of their publications: "at the Baker's shop, opposite the Cutler." Click here for a list of rare maps by Esnauts & Rapilly.

Size:   Printed area measures 31.75 x 21.5 inches (80.645 x 54.61 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good. Original linen backing in excellent conditon. A couple of mkinor discolorations here and there, else clean.

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