1994 Lardie Pictorial Postcards Denouncing the Bosnian War (Set of 7 cards)

La guerre, non! Pour la paix. - Main View

1994 Lardie Pictorial Postcards Denouncing the Bosnian War (Set of 7 cards)


Praising the United Nations intervention in Bosnia.


La guerre, non! Pour la paix.
  1994 (undated)     4 x 6 in (10.16 x 15.24 cm)


This is a c. 1994 set of seven (7) limited-edition postcards created and published by Jacques Lardie. Six of the seven postcards feature of map of Bosnia and Herzegovina that marks cities occupied by the United Nations. The seventh postcard bears a map of the entirety of former Yugoslavia divided into the new nations of the Balkans. Explosions mark cities where major combat took place.
The Artwork
Lardie's artwork accompanies each map. One features an open hand with a bloody palm, while others show a fraying rope, a cemetery, and a soldier with a machine gun. Still others bear composite illustrations, such as faces with zippers for mouths. Another has a photo of Radovan Karadžić, the former president of the Republika Srpska, who was found guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The seventh card is a composite map of former Yugoslavia with a stylized version of the Statue of Liberty.
The Bosnian War
The Bosnian War (April 6, 1992 - December 14, 1995) was fought in Bosnia and Herzegovina between the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the proto-states of Herzog-Bosnia and Republika Srpska. Part of the breakup of Yugoslavia, the war erupted after Bosnia and Herzegovina's declaration of independence. Led by Radovan Karadžić and supported by Slobodon Milošević, the Bosnian Serbs mobilized within Bosnia and Herzegovina to secure ethnic Serb territory. Eventually, the conflict engulfed the whole country. NATO and the United Nations were involved in the conflict from 1992. The United Nations Protection Force was deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina beginning in June 1992 to protect the Sarajevo Airport, but its mandate expanded over the next three years. The war ended in 1995 with the signing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace.
Publication History and Census
This set of postcards was created by Jacques Lardie and published by Les Éditions du Triangle, c. 1994. Each card was published in limited edition of 100 examples. We have been unable to locate another complete set.


Jacques Camille Lardie (b. June 26, 1947) is a French photographer, lithographer, editorial cartoonist, investigative journalist, caricaturist, and sculptor. Born in Périgueux, Lardie, known by several pseudonyms, the most prominent of which is 'Jihel', is known for creating posters, postcards, and political cartoons. Many of his postcards feature photographic portraits of famous people, including French and British politicians. Lardie founded to publishing houses, Êditions du Triangle and Éditions de la canetille. He is also known for several series of cards, which are focused on the Mona Lisa, absinthe, and freemasonry, respectively. Many of his sets of postcards are limited edition of 100 examples of each card. More by this mapmaker...


Very good. Set of seven (7) postcards. Each postcard bears a stamp on verso stating that printing was limited to 100 examples.