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Details 1937 Shope Pictorial Map of Montana

1937 Shope Pictorial Map of Montana

Montana. Frontier. Pioneer. - Main View

1937 Shope Pictorial Map of Montana


Montana's frontier history.


Montana. Frontier. Pioneer.
  1937 (dated)     16.5 x 22.5 in (41.91 x 57.15 cm)     1 : 1762000


This is a 1937 Irvin Shope pictorial map of Montana. The map depicts the state from Idaho to the Dakotas and from Canada to Wyoming, including Yellowstone National Park. The map is highly detailed, with captions, vignettes, and other illustrations populating it, offering a rich visual representation of Montana's history. Most captions recount tales of the Wild West. Outlaws, vigilantes, and frontier violence and vigilante 'justice' abound. Others inform on more conventional milestones, such as the location of the first Territorial Legislature, or that Virginia City was the first capital of the Montana Territory. Numerous cities and towns appear, including Helena, Missoula, and Bozeman. Vignettes frame the map, illustrating 'the major frontier industries: trapping, mining, cattle and sheep raising, and lumbering'.
Publication History and Census
This map was created by Irvin Shope in 1936 and published by the Montana State Highway Department in 1937. This map is well represented institutionally.


Irvin 'Shorty' Shope (1900 – November 22, 1977) was an American artist, particularly of the American West. Born in Boulder, Montana, at the age of nineteen he began working as a ranch hand and rode the range intermittently until the age of thirty. He received a degree in fine arts from the University of Montana in 1933 and began seriously working as a commercial artist in 1935, although he had received commissions before then. He died in Helena, Montana, having lived nearly all his life in the West. Shope was also one of the founding members of the Cowboy Artists of America. More by this mapmaker...


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Rumsey 8585.003. OCLC 9152005.