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1853 Andrews Map of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin


1853 Andrews Map of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin




Map of the Basin of the St. Lawrence Showing also the Natural and Artifical Routes Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Interior of North America.
  1852 (dated)     36 x 75 in (91.44 x 190.5 cm)


A rare, beautiful and gigantic map of the St. Lawrence Basin issued in 1852 for Israel de Wolf Andrew's report for the Treasury Department. Depicts the Basin of the St. Lawrence River from the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia westward to include the Great Lakes and then further west to include the Mississippi River. Offers superb detail of the American and Canadian railway network, both extant and proposed, at a critical juncture in U.S. history. More importantly focuses on the canals and waterways between the Atlantic and the Mississippi as a crucial artery of trade with the interior of the U.S. Andrews writes of this map:
An attentive consideration of this new and excellent map is respectfully solicited. It presents many points of interest, exhibiting, as it does, at one view, the mighty St. Lawrence, the chain of 'fresh-water Mediterraneans,' of which it is the outlet, and which are indeed a geographical wonder, as also their position and relation t the States of the West, and the vast and fertile valley of the Mississippi, with the various outlets to the sea, of this valuable section of North America.
This map is also notable for its attention to cities, states and county divisions. An inset in the lower right quadrant shows trade routes across the Atlantic between the U.S. and Europe.


Israel de Wolf Andrews was the Consul of the United States for Canada and New Brunswick from 1851 - 1854. Little else is known about this elusive figure.

Thomas C. Keefer (fl. 1821 - 1914) was a prominent Canadian railway engineer and civil engineer working in the mid to late 19th century. Keefer held posts as President of Both the Canadian and American Societies of Civil Engineers and has been called the "Dean of Canadian Engineers". Keefer's most important work includes an accurate survey of the St. Lawrence River, significant contributions to both the Erie and Welland Canals, and the construction of the Grand Trunk Railway from Toronto to Kingston. Keefer was a forward thinking environmentalist and, despite working for the railroads, envisioned a day when water power and electric would replace the "poison smoke" of coal.


Communication from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of March 8, 1851, the Report of Israel D. Andrews, consul of the United States for Canada and New Brunswick on the Trade and Commerce of the British North American Colonies, and upon the Trade of the Great Lakes and Rivers; also, notices of the internal imporvements in each state, of the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida, and a Paper on the Cotton Crop of the United States., (1852 editon).    


Very good condition. Minor discoloration on original folds. Professionally restored and backed with new linen.