1850 Marzolla Map of the Caribbean or West Indies

Arcipelago delle Antille ossia Indie Occidentali. (America.) - Main View

1850 Marzolla Map of the Caribbean or West Indies


19th century colonialism in the Caribbean.


Arcipelago delle Antille ossia Indie Occidentali. (America.)
  1850 (dated)     18 x 24.5 in (45.72 x 62.23 cm)     1 : 9100000


This is an 1850 Benedetto Marzolla Italian map of the Caribbean Sea, or West Indies. Coverage extends from the U.S. Gulf Coast to northern South America. Color coding associates European colonial influence with individual islands. A statistical table, situated in the upper right, provides population and area of each island. Also, it acts as the color key: British colonies (red), Spanish colonies (yellow), and Dutch colonies (green). French and Danish colonies are also marked with shades of red, making differentiation between British, French, and Danish colonies slightly difficult. Italian text appears along the right side and bottom of the map and provides a 'general description' of the region along with more detailed descriptions of Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.
Publication History and Census
This map was created and published by Benedetto Marzolla in 1850 for publication in his 1856 Atlante Geografico. We note an example of the complete atlas in the David Rumsey Map Collection. The separate map is not cataloged in OCLC.


Benedetto Marzolla (March 14, 1801 - May 10, 1858) was an Italian cartographer and geographer. Born in Brindisi, Italy, Marzolla attended local schools before moving to Naples in 1819 to study military engineering. He became a military officer under the Bourbon regime and quickly became recognized for his skill in cartography. He joined the Royal Topographical Office in 1821 as a first lieutenant and worked in that agency in one way or another until his untimely death from apoplexy. Over the course of his career, Marzolla created over 170 maps, including topographic, geographic, and chorographic works. More by this mapmaker...


Marzolla, B., Atlante Geografico (Naples) 1856.    


Very good. Closed margin tears professionally repaired on verso.


Rumsey 4714.042.