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1859 Johnson edition of Colton Map of Florida (First Edition Johnson Map)

Colton's Florida. - Main View

1859 Johnson edition of Colton Map of Florida (First Edition Johnson Map)


The edition of Colton's map of Florida published by Johnson and Browning.



Colton's Florida.
  1855 (dated)     13.75 x 16.75 in (34.925 x 42.545 cm)     1 : 2471040


This is an 1859 Joseph Hutchins Colton map of Florida published by Alvin Jewett Johnson and Ross Browning. The map depicts the region from Mobile Bay to the Atlantic Ocean and from Alabama and Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico and Cape Sable. Cities and towns throughout the state are labeled, including Tallahassee, Pensacola, St. Augustine, and Tampa. Counties are labeled and shaded different colors to allow for easy differentiation, and the entire state is gridded into townships. Roads, railroads, rivers, and lakes are also illustrated and labeled, as are bays, keys, and islands along the coastline. The whole is surrounded by Colton's spiral motif border.
Arredondo Land Grant
The Arredondo Land Grant, illustrated here in Alachua County, is a holdover from Spanish Florida. Beginning in the 1790s, the Spanish crown offered land grants to people courageous enough to emigrate to Florida or for meritorious service to the crown. Arredondo's grant, named after Fernando de la Maza Arredondo, is located to the west of St. Augustine in Alachua county. It was granted to Arredondo in 1817 by Alexander Ramirez of Havana. After Florida became a possession of the United States in 1821, these grants, including Arredondo's, became a point of contention between the United States government and the grantees. Initially, the U.S. government declared that it would honor the grants as long as the owner could prove their legitimacy. Both Pedro Miranda took his case to the United States Supreme Court, where his rights to the land were affirmed. Eventually, nonetheless, his grant, and all the others, were dissolved by U.S. courts on the basis that the grants were not properly developed and therefore forfeited.
Publication History and Census
This map was created by Joseph Hutchins Colton and published by Alvin Jewett Johnson and Ross Browning in 1859. This edition of this map is quite rare, since only the 1859 edition of Colton's General Atlas was published by Johnson and Browning, who would begin publishing Johnson's New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas, using many of Colton's plates, the following year. We have been able to locate one example of this map in the collection of the Touchton Map Library at the Tampa Bay History Center.


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