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1906 Japanese Map of Hawaii showing shopping options

新撰布哇地圖 /一名布哇案內 / Newly Compiled Map of Hawaii.

1906 Japanese Map of Hawaii showing shopping options


An exceptionally rare Japanese-Hawaiian map of Japanese friendly shops and business in 1906 Hawaii.



新撰布哇地圖 /一名布哇案內 / Newly Compiled Map of Hawaii.
  1906 (dated)    29 x 40 in (73.66 x 101.6 cm)


An extremely rare 1906 (Meiji 30) Hawaii shopping guide printed in Hawaii by Japanese-Hawaiians. The map details the five major islands (Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai) separately in addition to providing a general overview of the Hawaiian Archipelago. The map proper is surrounded by advertisements for Japanese friendly business ranging from restaurants, to hatters, to hospitals, to bicycle shops.

This map is part of a genre of maps printed in the late 19th and early 20th century in Hawaii by Japanese immigrants. They are typically predominantly or exclusively printed in Japanese and were intended for use by local Japanese-Hawaiians or their friends and relatives visiting from Japan. We have been lucky enough to discover several such maps, and of them all, this example is among the largest and most attractive.

This map is accompanied by its highly attractive original binder with two maps on a globular projection. The top map illustrates east Asia and the bottom, Shows Hawaii with an apparent focus on Molokai, which is enlarged. The overall design of the map suggests friendship and cooperation between Japan and America, with numerous images of entwined Japanese and American flags.


Very good. Two large sheets joined at center by publisher. Some wear on original fold lines, especially at fold intersection, where there is some archival reinforcement. Original slipcase.
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