1967 Salmon City Plan or Map of Jerusalem

ירושלים - העיר העתיקה / [Jerusalem, the Old City]. - Main View

1967 Salmon City Plan or Map of Jerusalem


The Old City following the Six-Day War - in Hebrew.


ירושלים - העיר העתיקה / [Jerusalem, the Old City].
  1967 (dated)     30 x 25 in (76.2 x 63.5 cm)     1 : 2500


This is a 1967 city plan or map of Jerusalem's Old City originally produced by Frederick John Salmon and reissued with Hebrew text by the Survey of Israel. This edition was published in the wake of the 1967 Six-Day War, when East Jerusalem including the Old City came under Israeli occupation.
A Closer Look
Notable sites are identified, with particular emphasis on the Temple Mount (הַר הַבַּיִת). The Dome of the Rock (כיפת הסלע) and Solomon's Stables (אורוות שלמה, now the El-Marwani Mosque), are labeled, among other sites. Sixty-three sites throughout are numerically labeled and correspond with an index in the lower-right. Outside the Old City, King David's Tomb and the Church of the Dormition appear at bottom-left on Mt. Zion (הר ציון). Several hospitals, schools, and cemeteries are also identified.
Publication History and Census
This map was originally compiled, drawn, and printed in British Mandate Palestine under the direction of Frederick John Salmon, the Commissioner for Lands and Surveys, in 1936. Several editions were published in the 1940s, some including revisions with new information supplied by the government's Department of Antiquities. After Israel captured East Jerusalem in the Six-Day War in 1967, the Survey of Israel republished the map in both English and Hebrew in 1967 and 1970. These later editions are quite rare in either language, with the Hebrew editions only being listed among the holdings of Harvard University and the National Library of Israel.


Frederick John Salmon (1882 - July 8, 1964) was a British surveyor, foreign service officer, and soldier. He served in the Ceylon Survey from 1908 through 1930, with the exception of serving on the Western Front during World War I. During the war, he made a name for himself by promoting cooperation between surveying and artillery. He was also particularly enthusiastic about printing and distributing updated maps and using aerial photography to update tactical maps. He became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in December 1918. Between 1930 and 1933, Salmon directed the Lands and Survey Departments in Cyprus, but was named Director of the Palestine Survey at the end of 1932. He began work at the Survey of Palestine on March 27, 1933, and began an initiative to begin a modern topographical mapping of Palestine. He was appointed Commissioner for Lands and Surveys of Palestine and as a member of the Advisory Council to the Government of Palestine in 1935. After a thirty-year career surveying sites around the Empire, Salmon retired on July 13, 1938. His cartographic work is part of the collection at the Royal Geographical Society. More by this mapmaker...


Good. Wear along original fold lines. Verso repairs to fold separations and at fold intersections. Small area of infill at a fold intersection. Residue from old cellophane tape repairs on verso but are not visible on recto.


Harvard Hollis Number 990151723860203941, National Library of Israel Call Number Jer h16 B.